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Why Voice?

Voice interfaces and conversational data analysis are the future


Isn't it preferable for computers to use our language rather than users learning query languages?


Users don't have to search through numerous reports to find an answer to their question.


Empower people at every level of organisations. Ensures that business intelligence is available to all.


We are not seeking to replace traditional dashboards or reports. Our vision is to complement them.

Why Partner?

Focus on what you do best

You may be considering building your own in-house voice interface. Here are some reasons why we advise against it.


Voice systems may be easier for the end user, but not for the developers of such systems. Let it be our problem.

Unseen problems

‘Natural Language Processing (NLP) is only part of a challenge you won’t fully appreciate until you are well into the project.

Long process

Years of R&D have gone into Voice Affinity's flagship product Query Pro. Why wait years? Let's get started now.


The AI, NLP and data science skills required to build such a system, are in high demand and therefore command a high price.

Why Voice Affinity?

Cutting edge

We have a product that is years ahead of the competition


We are passionate about AI and data science and love working on our Query Pro product.


We have been building data analysis solutions for over 17 years.


We will do whatever is needed to ensure that our product works well with your solutions.


We think work should be enjoyable and good natured business relationships are key to that.

Much more to come

We will continue to develop and refine our AI to make sure that we stay ahead of the competition.

How We'll Partner With You

An arrangement that benefits you, your customers and us.

Total flexibility

We understand that every partner is different. We will work with you to find a business model that works for your business.

Customer ownership

Your customers are important to you and to us. However we recognise that they are your customers and will respect that relationship.

White label solutions

Our advanced products and services are easily re-branded to sit alongside your existing customer offerings.

Revenue sharing models

We are open to a variety of revenue sharing models and are happy to develop a solution that works for both parties.

Simple integration

Our voice assistant will communicate with your systems using industry standard interfaces (XMLA) to provide voice activated queries.

Added value

We are happy to work with you on a long-term basis, ensuring your customers get ongoing value out of their BI investment.

Risk free, no cost trial

Try our solution with your data, with no cost or commitment.

  • Once you have provided access to your demonstration/test system, Voice Affinity engineers will test and configure our AI against your schema.
  • Once we are satisfied with the performance we will invite you to try the system.
  • Once you are satisfied, we will trial the system with one of your customers.
  • We will support you with the roll out to your customer base.

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