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"Ok Google, ask Query Pro ..."

At Voice Affinity we are passionate about the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the potential of voice activated queries to simplify the increasingly complex world of business intelligence.

Query Pro allows you to query your business data using English and can be accessed via a WebApp or a Voice Assistant. It connects directly to powerful cloud databases such as snowflake or your existing business intelligence system.

The Evolution of Business Intelligence (BI)

Flexible queries without the need for technical resources

We believe that business insights should be accessible to all, not gated by data scientists or available only to senior stakeholders. It is why we only build solutions, including our flagship product Query Pro, that enable people across organisations to use voice assistants to query data. Our systems support an on going conversation by allowing follow up questions enabling users to get to the answers they require in a seamless way.

The evolution of business intelligence through queries, reports, dashboards, natural language search to Voice Affinity's Query Pro enabling the easiest access to business data through conversation

Query Pro

The leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows you to use a voice assistant or the webapp to ask questions of your business data enabling you to perform your own business analysis.

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Gain new insights into your business and the edge over your competitors.


Run flexible queries without the need to learn complex query languages?


Users don't have to search through numerous reports to find an answer to their question.


Empower people at every level of organisations. Ensures that business intelligence is available to all.


Data scientists/analysts are not a cheap resource. Free them up from handling adhoc questions.


You don't have to wait for a data analyst to be allocated your request or another dashboard to be built.


As opposed to rigid dashboards, our flexible AI Query Pro allows your business to adapt quickly.

Data Democratisation

Remove gatekeepers and bottlenecks from the flow of information.

Data Driven Decisions

Make important decisions based on information and insights rather than gut feel.

Data Connectors

Query Pro connects directly to SQL systems or your existing business intelligence system.

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Voice Affinity named as start-up challenge semi-finalist

Combining Query Pro with the power of the data cloud has earned us a place in the semi-finals of the snowflake start-up challenge. We have been selected from over 230 applications from over 50 countries.

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What makes us unique?

Some competitors only support a set list of scripted requests that trigger hardwired queries. Sometimes you have to ask these a certain way.

Our AI doesn't follow a script it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret each request individually. It generates spoken responses based on the results of each query.

Some vendors use voice assistants as a search to direct users to an existing report, or they support natural language queries that work like predictive text, making the user resolve ambiguity by choosing from a list of options. This is because voice support is bolted on as an afterthought.

Query Pro is built as a 'voice first' system. It uses general knowledge to resolve ambiguity automatically, which means that you can make requests just using your voice.

Demo using voice assistant to have a conversation to analyse data

Voice powered

Our integration with Google Assistant enables data interrogation by conversation

Open to all

Easily accessed via mobile we open business intelligence to all levels of the business.

Natural Language

Any query is met with a spoken response and accompanying charts/data.

Use Cases

Business Owner/Director

You need some information for an important meeting but can't find the answers quickly. It is not covered by an existing report or dashboard.

Query Pro is flexible and intuitive, it doesn't need reports configuring. It interprets your questions, queries your data, then gives clear answers as a verbal response along with figures and charts in milliseconds.


Business Development/Sales

You're face to face with a client who is asking questions about the local marketplace, that head office have not supplied you with answers for. You're also offline and can't access the database via laptop.

With Query Pro you can simply ask the question on your mobile phone using a voice assistant. Our system can turn an on-premises business intelligence system into a mobile one.

A meeting between a salesperson and a customer.

Head of Business Insight

You should be working on 'big data' projects but are spending your time dealing with bespoke queries, and can never anticipate the type of questions that will be asked when issuing a new dashboard/report. Whenever you give someone an answer to one question they come back with refinements or several more follow up questions.

Let Query Pro handle the routine questions, so that you can focus on strategic tasks. It supports follow up questions through the use of pronouns or implied words.

business woman head of insight

Manufacturing / Production

You are rarely at a desk. You spend most of your time on the factory floor overseeing the various stages of your production processes. You need access to data wherever you are.

Query Pro turns an on prem or cloud based BI system into a mobile one. Ask Query Pro questions on your mobile phone and get the answers you need instantly. Need hands free data analytics? Just use a bluetooth headset with your voice assistant.

"OK Google, Ask Query Pro how many units we have made today."

An industrial worker needing access to a mobile BI system.

The Visually Impaired

Spreadsheets and dashboards can be a problem for those with all types of visual impairment.

Our mission is to make data analysis accessible to all. Because Query Pro is a 'voice first' system taking spoken requests and giving spoken responses, it has the potential to empower the visually impaired.

A visually impaired office worker sat at a desk.

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About Us

We have been building self service data analysis tools and big data solutions for the last 16 years. We are used to processing millions of rows of data in both SQL and NoSQL databases and a variety of Business Intelligence (BI) Systems. We founded VoiceAffinity to make data analysis as simple as possible for the end user.

Malcolm Titchmarsh founder of Voice Affinity

Malcolm Titchmarsh

Founder, CEO
Malcolm loves AI and writing code. He has many years experience building self service Business Intelligence systems. With Voice Affinity he is driven to remove the barriers and complexity of data analysis.
Dawn Barker co-founder of Voice Affinity

Dawn Barker

Co-Founder, COO, Problem solver
Dawn has developed, implemented, trained and supported software systems in multiple sectors. She has experience with a wide range of Business Intelligence systems, and has created processes for great customer support.
Adam Fraser

Adam Fraser

Co-Founder, Data Scientist / Statistician
Adam has helped healthcare organisations structure, process and understand vast quantities of data.
Norrey Considine

Norrey Considine

Customer Support
Provided customer support for Coda financial services. Fluent French speaker. Norrey is thoughtful, kind, friendly and helpful.